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Pete Szkolka






I consult with you about your recording goals, and we plan accordingly whether its tracking, live in studio, a demo, or spoken word. If you need additional players or arranging, we handle that with your goals in mind.

The details of mixing are an art and science. Years of training and powerful digital tools will bring your recording to life with clarity and suited to your desires for the genre of your music.

Working with various top notch and award winning mastering houses, your recording will be managed with your goals in mind for excellent quality playback whether in a vehicle, on high quality audiofile systems, or streaming.


I play solo piano every Tuesday at Murry's in Columbia, MO. I also play with several bands and I can refer you to many others. Contact me to book solo piano, duos, trios, and bands. Many styles include jazz, blues, standards, fusion, classics, and more. Perfect for all size events.


Pete Szkolka Productions is a pro-format recording studio located in northeast Columbia, Missouri, sitting on the edge of the woods next to Bear Creek. I have been at this location since 2003, recording music artists, bands, orchestras, audiobook presentations, spoken word events, and voiceover talent. 

  My mission: To provide superior recording, mixing, editing, and support services in a comfortable and professional environment. This mission is strongly motivated by forty-five years' experience as a pro musician, and an appreciation of artists and the work they do. I am here to help make performances and ideas into well-crafted audio documents.


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"Recording studios and the producer/engineers who run them are key pieces of infrastructure in any music community . . . . In addition to helping produce and curate the distinctive original music of our area, recording studios serve as a laboratory and safe place to sound out nascent musical ideas . . . . Perhaps the most talented might be Pete Szkolka. . . . Szkolka is a multi-instrumentalist and charter member of BoCoMo musical institutions."  

       - Kevin Walsh, Inside Columbia Magazine, March 2014

Allen Beeson - Song for Bibao
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